Tenga Air-Tech Twist tickle

Tenga Air-Tech Twist masturbator – Tickle

Brand: Tenga

Name: Tenga Air-Tech Twist Tickle

Style: Hand-held

Features: Sucking, adjustable tightness

Price: £34.20

The Tenga company has been popular for many years, since the release of the world-famous Flip Hole. This was soon followed by a collection of Tenga Eggs and Tenga Cups.

Originally, their cups were disposable. Cultural differences regarding sex and masturbation led to their limited reception around the world. While disposing of a masturbator after one use is relatively common in Japan, this was considered wasteful in most Western countries. Because of this, their cup masturbators were met with criticism from many sex toy review sites.

But, the company has evolved since then. The release of the first Air-Tech cups proved that they had learned from this first foray into the global male sex toy market and the new designs were not only reusable, they were unlike anything their competitors were creating.

The success of the Tenga Air-Tech masturbators was led by their ability to create suction.

Their new discreet masturbators were met with wide acclaim, appreciated by men all around the world.

Building on this firm foundation the company has developed the Air-Tech range with a new pair of masturbators, adding a brand new function.

The new Tenga Twist currently comes in two versions, the Tickle and the Ripple. The difference between them is the texture within the internal sleeve.

For this post we’ll be focusing on the Tickle texture.

So, what makes the Air-Tech Twist different from the original Air-Tech masturbators?

While the Twist retains all the great features of the original Air-Tech toys, these have the ability to change shape inside with a simple twist of the top of the cup.

The sucking function is the same, but the new housing includes a dial at the top while allows five stages of tightness to be applied to the internal masturbation sleeve.

A “twist” of the top of the cup causes a band within the plastic casing to tighten gently around the texture inside the toy, causing the texture to become more pronounced and the tunnel within to become tighter.

For those who love to have options, this creates a lot more choice in sensation and pleasure.

The Tickle texture is incredibly elaborate within, including ribs and soft prongs which caress and stroke the erection as you slide in and out, or twist the masturbator around.

Existing reviews on-line have given a very favourable report, suggesting that the texture of this particular toy is one of the best the company has created to date.

The material used in the sleeve has an important part to play in this pleasure. Unlike many other masturbators of this size, the Tenga company has used TPE, a firmer material able to offer more resistance than commonly used silicone.

Another popular feature of the Air-Tech Twist is that the toy can be cleaned easily. The TPE sleeve inside can be removed and washed before being returned to the cup housing, with a plastic cover applied to the opening to keep it clean while in storage.

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